Since this is a sex-blog, let's call it a SLOG


Bad Girls

How would you feel about getting “paid” for “it”?

Well, it worked like a charm for me back in the day when the last thing I wanted to do was HAVE SEX.  When you feel like a maid and he wants to get laid, why not get paid. Be a Bad Girl.

It’s a win win situation for both of you. Now listen, I’m talking about being in a monogamous marriage for
20 years and at the height of parenting and household responsibilities. A shrink would call it “role playing”.    

So play the role you’re born to play
Be a mom and a good lay
Be the only one he’ll pay

And be a Bad Girl


While watching some porno with my husband a few years back, I was compelled to “Push Pause” during a particular scene. The blowjob she was giving was so-so, but man, this chick’s hair was fabulous. The layers moved so perfectly during the “back of the head” shot. The next time I visited my hair salon I tell Scott, my stylist, give me more layers, you know, like porn star hair.

Needless to say, the hubby LOVES when I ask his opinion of my new haircut, you know, so he can check out if the layers are moving just right!

The New Porn?

Cooking is very sensual. The smells, the feel, the taste. Cooking Shows are the new porn.  With the cheesy music, extreme close-ups, and overly amplified sounds. Don't you get that tinge of un-easiness while watching?  But where's the "money-shot?"

It all started with George Michael. While at his fabulous concert at MSG recently, I realized I couldn’t tell whether the men were gay or straight. Of course, some men may appear to be obviously gay if they are with their partners, but there were plenty of men with women who could have passed for gay. Metrosexual, maybe?

And when a very handsome, George Michael clone looks at my tank top and says "THOSE are AMAZING." I really got to thinking; Is he Gay or is he Straight? Who cares, he’s great.

While lying in bed that night, I kept rolling this over in my mind with a feeling that there was a connection between the three words. Gay, straight, great.  Then it hit me, it was graight!

My initial feeling is that this word applies to gay men who appeal to straight women. George Michael being at the top of the list.